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FBO MINSK — the first and only business aviation center in Belarus. Multifunctional complex FBO MINSK has a developed infrastructure and includes:
Modern terminal
Conference room
Apron platforms
Meeting room
Clearance control
Crew lounges
The passenger terminal is a building with an area of more than 1000 sq.m., which differs from other FBOs by its architectural solution that combines classic and minimalism. The complex consists of a lounge area with a restaurant, a customs and border control point, a conference hall, a meeting room, and crew rest rooms. The FBO terminal is equipped with everything necessary to service passengers with disabilities. The draft design was developed by Belarusian architects, and the interior interiors were developed by Italian designers.
The facades are deliberately facing west and east. Thanks to this solution, natural light freely penetrates the room and creates a unique atmosphere.
FBO MINSK Restaurant is a cozy and comfortable restaurant located in the lounge area, where warm colors in the interior and soft light create an enveloping atmosphere that relieves tension. The lounge area with the restaurant is located so that the windows overlook the runway and taxiways, which gives passengers the opportunity to watch the process of preparing the aircraft for flight.
For business events. Average occupancy is up to 15 guests.
Meeting room
For meetings and conferences. Designed for 6 guests.
Clearance control
On the territory of the FBO there is a separate point for quick passage of border and customs control, as well as a point for screening passengers and personnel. Passengers pass all the necessary customs and border procedures in 2-3 minutes. The time that a passenger spends from the moment of arrival at the terminal to boarding the plane is 5-7 minutes. If the plane is in the front parking lot, this time is halved.
Rest rooms for crew
The crew lounges are equipped with everything necessary so that the crew does not have to waste time and get to the hotel. This is a full-fledged room for crew rest, where you can rest comfortably.
Apron platforms
Apron platforms with an area of more than 7000 square meters, which allows to receive business jets of various classes, including ACJ / BBJ. There is a possibility of simultaneous storage of six aircraft and helicopters in open areas. Two parking lots are equipped for servicing light aircraft and are equipped with a mooring system.
The hangar area, which is specially designed for aircraft storage and maintenance, is over 4000 sq. M. There is enough space to meet the needs of the base operator, BySky, as well as offer services to other airlines. The hangar provides a separate space for workshops, rooms for storing aviation equipment and offices for engineering and technical personnel. The hangar maintains an optimal temperature regime. If it is necessary to carry out work by engineering and technical personnel, it is possible to use modern equipment, since there is everything you need. FBO is actively working with aircraft owners and operators to store and service aircraft in the hangar.


FBO MINSK offers a full range of ground handling services for aircraft, passengers and crews of business aviation flights in the Republic of Belarus. Business aviation operators and private jet owners can take advantage of attractive aircraft basing and storage options at the new FBO MINSK Business Aviation Center.

Aircraft cleaning and washing

FBO MINSK provides a full range of services for aircraft ground handling.

  • aviation maintenance
  • provision of ground power supply
  • organization of refueling with aviation fuel
  • organization of filling with oxygen and nitrogen
  • organization of heating of engines, systems and elements
  • draining and filling of water systems
  • lavatory and potable water
  • organization of cleaning
  • towing
  • organization of anti-icing treatment
  • in-flight catering

Aircraft storage

Hangar storage allows you to protect aircraft from the effects of external environmental conditions, increases the resource and terms of their operation, and also allows you to reduce the time and improve the quality of pre-flight and post-flight maintenance of the aircraft. FBO MINSK has an aircraft storage hangar. The total area is over 4260 sq. M. The hangar is divided into two sections.

Apron parking

We offer attractive prices and conditions for the parking of aircraft on the apron at the FBO MINSK

Crew lounges

Crew lounges are located in the terminal building.

If the crew arrives for a short period of time (up to 3-4 hours), there is an opportunity to use the service of accommodating crew members in the terminal, they have a full crew lounge at their disposal, with a shower.

After passing the briefing, the crew members have a choice: all information can be requested in printed form, as well as received by e-mail.

  • crew transfer
  • engineering and other aviation equipment on the apron
  • supervision (flight plan, NOTAM, meteorological information, printing of documents)
  • hotel reservation
  • delivery of documents for customs clearance
  • laundry
  • washing of on-board dishes
  • storage of property
  • organization of on-board catering for crews

For passengers

Comfort. Safety. Confidence.

  • individual approach to each passenger when passing customs, border and other procedures upon arrival / departure of the aircraft
  • provision of services for obtaining a visa at the consular department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Belarus upon arrival of the passenger
  • check-in
  • provision of a conference room
  • provision a meeting room
  • restaurant
  • hotel booking
  • concierge service

Ground handling equipment

FBO MINSK has at its disposal all the necessary means for ground handling: an aircraft tug, a ground power source, equipment for servicing lavatory and potable water aircraft systems, a bus for transporting passengers, equipment for transporting baggage.

Aircraft cleaning and washing

Fuselage washing and complex cleaning of the cabin, cockpit and luggage compartments.


VIP class cars. Organization of the necessary executive cars.

Restaurant & catering

FBO MINSK restaurant is a cozy and comfortable restaurant located in the lounge area, where warm colors in the interior and soft light create an enveloping atmosphere that relieves tension.

Catering organization focused on business aviation - exclusive in-flight meals. The catering menu includes over 250 dishes (see the "Restaurant" section).

For Passengers with Reduced Mobility

Services for passengers with reduced mobility

  • Meeting at FBO Minsk of passengers with reduced mobility at the transport
  • Provision of a wheelchair for movement around the FBO Minsk and boarding to the aircraft
  • Delivery to the aircraft using an ambulatory elevator, stair lift or ambulance
  • Support and assistance when moving about the FBO Minsk during pre-flight and post-flight procedures
  • Duplication of visual information provided at the airport and from among the reduced and other persons with disabilities
  • Providing boarding and disembarking assistance
  • Access to 24/7 medical center located in the National Airport Minsk
  • Check with the carrier for information about restrictions on wheelchairs and/or other means used to transport passengers with special needs (dimensions, weight, and other design features).

    The following IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations must be taken into account:

  • The electric wheelchair is checked-in and the battery is turned-off/disconnected when checked-in
  • Liquid batteries must be disconnected, packaged and placed in checked-in luggage

FBO MINSK has high regard for each client and client's wishes, thats why we would be glad to desing an individual aircraft basing offer with the necessary range of services.

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our team

Our team consists exclusively of specialists with wide experience: pilots, flight safety specialists, technical personnel and ground management.

Sergey Latushkin

Director of FBO MINSK

Galenchik Ekaterina

Assistant director

Natalya Volosevich

Legal adviser

Yuri Kovalev

Head of operation of buildings and structures

Svetlana Kanchina